Your perfect day should have nothing but the best!

Weddings are the most potent declaration of commitment one can make to another person.

This is why since forever weddings have had a special significance in every culture and are celebrated on a grand scale in every country, irrespective of caste, creed or financial standing.

What is the most common feature in a wedding across the globe?

One of the most common features at every wedding apart from food and people is a photographer! This special day for most people comes once in a lifetime, and that is one of the prime reasons everyone wants to catalogue this special day and beginning of a new journey for life.

How can one make this day special for one and all?

Weddings are special events not only for the bride and groom but also for their respective family and friends. With the advancement of technology, one can today ensure that your wedding is not just a formal affair, but lots of fun for everyone. One simple way of doing this is to have a photo booth at the wedding!

What is a photo booth?

A photo booth is a dedicated corner at the wedding venue, where everyone can get fabulous photos clicked from a professional photographer and get the printouts then and there. From props to costumes, to theme-based background, the photo booth can become one of the funnest corners of the wedding.

Companies like The Photo Factory offer these services and ensure they customize the photo booth to your specification.

What kind of customizations can one expect at a photo booth?

Companies like The Photo Factory understand the importance of this day in your life. They gooutof their way to ensure that the tiniest details of your vision are met. One can go to their website to check out:

  • Variety of props
  • Sequined backdrops in various colors like gold, silver, black, rose gold etc.
  • Customized theme parties with costumes
  • Photo printouts with wedding logo and/or couple pictures
  • Animated GIF’s
  • Boomerang
  • Videos

What are animated GIF’s?

A series of photographs are taken in a fast and random manner. Then these pictures are played over and over again in a mixed manner on the big screen to create a fun and lively atmosphere.

How does a photo booth function?

Depending on your budget, one can choose from a variety of packages on offer. These packages include:

  • 3-4 hours of unlimited photo shoots
  • Limited to unlimited 4*6 printouts
  • Customized photo booth
  • A booth butler or professional photographer
  • Live streaming of the pictures at the wedding
  • Unlimited downloads online
  • Instant social media sharing

Technology today has opened up various mediums on making special occasions not only special but also fun. It is a great idea to invest in such fun propositions especially on your wedding day, as though they might pinch your pocket a little bit, they will leave you as well as your friends and family with a lifetime of smiling and fond memories.